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Auggie is a sweet, wonderful 3 year old golden retriever mix. He was rescued after his owners moved away. Auggie is a high energy pup who loves to run around the yard and play with the other dogs.  He gets going and jumps around like a goat. He might have too much play for some older dogs, but the younger pups will probably love Auggie as their companion pal.

Auggie also loves to run in the yard with his toys, including his rope toy which he shakes about. He will play ball but not more than about 4 times and then he is off looking at something else to do. He does like stuffed toys, but like most dogs he goes through those at the speed of light. Foster mom shares that a nylabone is a nice substitution for Auggie.

Although he likes to play with other dogs, he absolutely loves to be with you. Foster mom lovingly calls him her "Velcro" dog. When on walks, he walks pretty good on a leash and whimpers every time he sees another dog he wants to say "hi" too.

Auggie will need to be behind a 6' privacy fence or walked. He will go straight up and over a chained link fence, especially if he wants to go see another dog. He can run like the wind, so the proper licenses and ID's are a must on him at all times. If you like to walk or run, Auggie would be a great companion for you so that he can burn off some of his adorable energy.

He sleeps in his fosters bedroom at night, sometimes under the bed or at times on top. He is really afraid of loud noises, thunderstorms and fireworks. He has been very good on housebreaking, only having once "marking" accident when he first arrived in the home. Foster mom has been crating him when she leaves the house, but lately has been leaving him out to test him. He has been really good so far for 1/2 hour to 1 hour periods of time to date. Overall he has been really good in the home and just need watched until he learns he is not allowed to counter surf, get gum out of purses, etc.

Auggie is a great dog for someone who has dog experience and other playful dogs in your home. He has plenty of love and fun to give the right owner who is willing to provide him the loving, activity oriented environment he needs. Since we do not know his complete background, we may limit the age of children in your home with this adoption.

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