Girfriend is a golden retriever for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving select areas of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana for golden retriever adoptions.
Everyone needs to have a special "girlfriend" that can hang out with them, listen to you talk about your day, go on walks with you, and enjoy being with your other friends, whether 2 legged or 4 legged. Well just so happens GRRR recently brought in a very sweet 3 year old named Girlfriend, who can do all those things and more!

Everyone says Girlfriend is perfect! She is great with other dogs, walks pretty well on a leash, housebroken and loves being with her people.

One of our approved applicants waiting for a home and said they would foster-to-adopt a dog when the right dog arrived is the lucky home currently caring for Girlfriend. Should they decide to not keep her we will post her as available. But after a handful of days with this outstanding girl, the family is on-board to adopt.

If you are an approved applicant that is willing to so a foster to adopt, then be sure to let us know. Currently, we have no available foster homes, so any dog we get in will go to a a family waiting to adopt.

The first step to become a foster to adopt home is to read our adoption policies and follow the directions from there if you qualify. Make sure to let us know you are willing to foster-to-adopt.

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