Misty - Pending Adoption

Misty is a golden retriever available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource in Toledo Ohio
Misty, Quinn and Clifford were 3 of the 17 golden retrievers rescued from a backyard breeder. The other 14 dogs have been divided up and are with other Golden Retriever Rescue groups who also helped with their rescue. We received notice there would be a pre-trial on July 21st for the owners who kept these dogs in horrible conditions. Before the pretrial, the breeder had posted she was anxious to get her dogs back and word was it might turn into an evidentiary hearing as it seemed their lawyers were thinking there was no case to be made of these poor dogs living in horrible conditions.

`7 Golden Retrievers rescued from backyard breeder. We still have not heard what all happened July 21st in court, but the good news was the judge determined the dogs were to be surrendered over to the Humane Society who then surrender them to the golden retriever rescues who have been fostering the dogs. So all three dogs that we took into our rescue are now a rescue dog of GRRR and can be adopted. We could not be happier or more grateful for this decision. We are so thankful to the Harrison County Humane Society for stepping in to do the right thing by these dogs.
Whelping cage, open area where the pregnant golden retriever females were kept isolated. All 3 dogs have flourished in their foster homes, becoming more social and have learned how to live inside a home. Most importantly they are so loved and receiving exceptional care-- unlike how they were living before.

Misty has been living in a foster home who plans on adopting her. If you would like to be a foster-to-adopt home too, the first step to adopt any of our dogs is to read ""How To Adopt"" and follow the directions from there if you qualify. See the next golden retriever for adoption by clicking "next golden" below.
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