Buckey, a golden retriever for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, a golden retriever rescue serving Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.blue dog paw
Buckey has a rather long sad story that started with him being thrown out of a car in Columbus. Luckily, a very nice woman got him safe and he was taken to the Franklin County dog shelter. He was so stressed with the shelter environment, they did not think he could put him on the adoption floor.

GRRR (Golden Retriever Rescue Resource) was able to pull him from the shelter, and the woman that saved him after being thrown from the car was nice enough to foster him for us.

A previous adopter had put in an application and went to meet Buckey. They hit it off and he took Buckey home about 1 1/2 years ago. Unfortunately recently the owner lost his home and was having difficulty finding anyplace to live that allowed a dog Buckey's size. The adopter gave Buckey to a friend. Under our contract, you cannot give one of our dogs to anyone else should you not be able to keep the dog for any reason. We interviewed the friend who did not pass our application process, so Buckey was brought back into the rescue.

Buckey who is thought to be around 5 years old is looking for his last home that will be forever. He does better with another dog as alone he seems to possibly have some fear aggression, but with another dog he takes all of his cues from the other dog. If they don't care about the mailman, then he doesn't care either! He recently attended our adoption event and did very well with other dogs and people at the event. Buckey has not been in homes with children, so would rather place him in a home with older or no children.

We was updated on vaccinations etc as he waits for a family that can truly commit to giving him the best home. If you would like to be considered to adopt Buckey, the first step to adopt Buckey is to read our adoption policies and follow the directions from there.
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