Honey is a rescued golden retriever from a puppy mill, available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.
Lil'Honey is an 8 month old female golden retriever mix puppy who came to us as an owner surrender as they were unable to care for her special medical needs. She developed a rare inflammatory condition that causes significant swelling of the muscles of the eyes. With the start of medications, she has already made a significant improvement. See her picture when she first arrived below and compare her new photos now. What a difference!

Lil' Honey is quite petite for her age and suspect she is from poor breeding genetics. Honey saw a vet early September who said her right hip is completely dislocated. Yet this spunky girl still manages to counter surf. The vet is recommending an FHO where the femoral head or ball of the joint is cut off. We have had them done on other dogs previously and all the dogs have done very well after this surgery. He is not so sure there is anything that would be successful to correct her angular deformity.
Before Honey can have the surgery she needs to be off predinisone that is keeping her eyes looking normal. This gives us a little time to try raising the money for her surgery. She also suffers from some rear end concerns such as hip dyspepsia. That however does not slow her down. She loves to play with other active dogs and is quite the cuddle bug. She also gets along well with cats.

Honey, a small golden retriever mix for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource in Toledo OH. We are looking for a foster/foster to adopt home who lives in the greater Toledo area who is willing to love and care for this cutie pie while she attends her medical appointments and gets the care she deserves. We appreciate your donations to help us care for Honey's medical needs. Please donate towards her care and help our all volunteer, non-profit organization. We'll list your name here on this page as her sponsor.
If you want to get pre-qualified to adopt or foster-to-adopt Honey or any dog, please read "How To Adopt" and follow the direction from there.

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