Caylee is a golden retriever for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, a golden retriever rescue serving Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.
Caylee is a petite golden mix who is around 4 years old and weighs just over 30 pounds. Caylee is looking for a specific forever home. Because of her past of abuse, likely as a puppy mill mama, Caylee is scared of a lot of things and apprehensive of people. She will need at least one adult home most of the time and a calm, confident dog - similar in age and size - to help her learn how to live inside life as a family member.
Caylee needs a structural fence and no children under 12 in the home (her ideal family would have no children).

Caylee's family must understand that it will take her longer than "normal" to bond with her people, and they must be willing to invest the time and patience it will take to encourage this sweetheart to come out of her shell and live her best life. Caylee has made tremendous strides already in 4 weeks in her foster home - she was terrified to step on grass but now enjoys time in the backyard, doing zoomies and playing tag with the other dogs, snacking on dandelions, and laying in the sun. |

When she came to GRRR she only pottied in the house - she is now going outside with an occasional accident every few days, always at a change of schedule. Her tail was firmly tucked 24/7 but now is frequently wagging; she is eating out of foster mom and dad's hands; and she clearly wants to participate in pack activities, including getting attention, but is still nervous. She is VERY food-motivated so this is helpful in bonding and training. Caylee a golden retriever for adoption near Toledo Ohio from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource.

Caylee is curious but respectful of the cat in her foster home. She is a tough chewer, loves tennis balls, and always lays with the cutest crossed paws. She is initiating, and participating in, play with her foster pack but the body language is not always sent or interpreted correctly, so supervision is required. She has recovered from being spayed and has no ongoing medical issues.
If you feel you would be the right family to welcome Caylee into your home as a loving family member for life, please review our adoption policies and follow the directions from there if you qualify.

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