Golden Retriever for adoption in Toledo Ohio
Kobi is 8 years old and has not had the greatest life. He has been an outdoor dog and the dog warden in his county had him in her possession many times over the years.

Kobi was never found in good condition. The warden was unable to convince them to surrender Kobi until now. Kobi is learning what it is like to be a loved part of the family and to live in the house where they live.

Kobi is good with other dogs, rides pretty well in a car despite the fact he had no idea who it was he was riding with! He actually does not walk horrible on a leash once you are past the first part of the walk. He is a fairly good sized boy, so no kids under the age of 10 yrs old as he would knock them over easily without meaning to.

We do know at one point Kobi was found with a shock collar on along with the tie out he was dragging so must have a physical fenced yard. Kobi is finishing his vaccinations and will receive a dental.

There is a pretty good chance his foster family will be adopting. However, if you are interested in Kobi, please let us know if you qualify with our adoption policies and what we are looking for in a forever home for Kobi. Read our adoption policies and just follow the directions from there.
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