Bentley - Pending Adoption!

Bentley is a golden retriever puppy for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving select areas of Ohio, Michigan and Indiana for golden retriever adoptions.
Meet Bentley, a male golden retriever puppy who was born on August 15th from Maddy (also for adoption). Bentley was one of 12 puppies born that day, but unfortunately 3 were still born.

The ideal home we are looking for is someone who is home more than they are not. A work from home situation is ideal and to have a family with plenty of time and ENERGY for this youngster. Puppies learn best when there is already another well-trained dog in the home to show them the ropes. If you have children in the home, they need to be older and well past the leaving small toys all over the floor stage.

Bentley has met his forever family who will be adopting him when he is ready to go home, around 8 weeks old (around October 11th). If you are interested in adopting a dog, the first step is to please read "How to Adopt" and follow the directions from there if you quality. Click the "next golden" button to see the next golden retriever for adoption.
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