Libby - Pending Adoption!

Libby is a female golden retriever for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource in Toledo Ohio
Libby is a 10 month old bundle of golden retriever energy. Her former family was a senior couple who quickly got overwhelmed with her energy and puppy behavior. Now she will need a family willing to Libby a golden retriever puppy for adoption playing with a ball in her mouth.train and bond with her by taking her to training and then following through with positive reinforcement and consistent learning at home. Libby is your typical 10 month old golden. She'll still need to learn not to jump up on people and she can still be mouthy. Golden Retrievers love to put everything in their mouth, including balls, toys, hands :), etc.

Libby needs a structured life with a family who has time to burn off that energy with walks twice a day or maybe a nice long walk with lots of play and training time. Libby is food motivated and does pick up on training quickly. If you are committed to her training, so will she be committed as well as she likes to please.
No young children with this adoption as she has already had one surgery for ingesting a rock and we do not want her eating toys that might be left on the ground. She can also easily knock over a little one until she learns not to jump up. If you are interested in adopting Libby, the first step to adopt is to read "How to Adopt" and follow the directions from there if you qualify.
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