Patches is a black lab, aussie shepherd mixed dog available for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving Ohio, Michigan and dog pawThe best dog ever! Patches is a 2 year old Lab, Aussie mix who sure looks like a flat coat retriever mix.

Patches came out of a hoarder home that had 18 dogs living in it. A previous adopter of our rescue pulled him out of a dog shelter to adopt, but he just had too much energy for their older girl dog.

Patches is truly just the sweetest boy! He loves to get up on your lap and snuggle. He does know commands and is great with other dogs.

He would love to find someone who wants to do agility. He would enjoy herding sheep or having a job of some kind that will tire him out. He has a lot of energy!

Patches is currently living with a doggie day care foster with many dogs and is thriving. But, he certainly would love a home where he can truly be a part of a family, loved, exercised and motivated.

If you feel your lifestyle and home is perfect for Patches, please read our adoption policies and follow the directions from there if you qualify for adoption. Due to us not knowing his entire background, no young children under 10 years old with his adoption.
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