Muffin is a golden doodle for adoption from Golden Retriever Rescue Resource, serving Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.
Hi I'm Muffin! I'm a one year old Golden Doodle. In fact, the people at GRRR say I'm probably a mini-golden doodle as I am small at just 25 to 30 pounds.

I came to this rescue from a breeder when he found out I was unable to get pregnant, so he wanted me to find a forever home. The breeders children loved me and I loved them too. They liked playing with me and so I'm more socialized than your typical "breeder" rescue. I am in a foster home who is helping me learn what it means to be housebroken and all the basic stuff.

I am great with other dogs. My coat was cut back by the breeder to get the mats out, so I have what looks like the undercoat of a golden retriever that is shedding out currently. It's possible I will end up having amore of a golden coat that a doodle coat. The people at GRRR want me to tell you I am not a hypoallergenic dog.

Did you know I'm a star? I was just featured on a Facebook live post September 16th. Watch me here.

I like to dance around on my hind feet. My foster mom wants me to tell you that I would do this all day every day if they would let me :)

If you you are interested in adopting or fostering-to-adopt me, Muffin, the first step is to read "How to Adopt" and follow the directions from there if you qualify. I will be spayed early October and will be available to go to my forever home at this time.
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